Hum Tum. You and Me

Thursday, September 03, 2015 | Comment

Hum aur Tum. You and Me.
We have differences thoughts
You're thinking like this. I'm thinking like that
We have quarreled all the times
Even for chotti-chotti things.
But somehow, we became closer
Hum Tum, we both are friends
We shared everything.
Laugh and tears. Khushi aur gham
Kabhi we say Hi. Kabhi we say Bye
But we never forgot each other

Time files. Summer to winter
Season changed. We do changed
You and I began apart
We are not in the same world anymore
We become strangers
"Excuse me, who are you?"
We seem do not know each other
And we separated at the end 

I asked myself. Again and again
Why this is happen?
Who should take the blame?
Mujhe samajha nehi ata

The answers must be somewhere...


Inspiredfrom: HumTum
Miss Landlord
03 September 2015
12.05 am